Welcome to the Internet TV Canada Wiki

This wiki will be a TV guide to watching TV shows Legally Online for Canadians. It was created April 29, 2011 and will take some time and input to become a usefull tool. I'm actually not sure this format will work but it's worth a try. If anyone is interested in helping out with this project please mesage me or email me

This Wiki stuff is not easy to learn.

I"m trying to make a page for each show and then a table/chart that gets the Show info and put's it all in a nice table easy to read and find what your looking for.

Basic Show info i want on every page is

Show Title (i.e. "Breaking In")

Show Catagory (i.e. "Prime Time")

Show Genre (i.e. "Comedy")

On Air Day (i.e. "Wednesday")

On Air Time (i.e. "9:30PM")

Online (i.e. "Thursdays")

Site (i.e. "CTV")


Any help would be great then i can fill in information

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Trying to figure out if wikia will work for this project.